How to use LinkedIn to make your profile more visible?

  1. Make sure your profile is 100% completed as per the Linkedin profile setup wizard.
  2. If possible, customize your public profile URL to a pretty easily memorable name instead of those alphanumeric URL.
  3. “50” is the Magic number. Your profile should have 50 skills tagged to it (could be endorsements or key skills). Those 50 skills need not be just technical, but could also include soft skills.
  4. Download the app in your smartphone (highly recommended) and make sure to visit your profile on a regular basis (once in a week would be ideal, more the merrier)and make some sort of edit. This edit could be just adding another skill you've learned or adding more to your profile or it could be as simple as adding punctuation or correcting a language. These edits really keep your profile on the last access profiles list and show up first in the list when a recruiter makes a search.
  5. Always keep your profile updated. Make sure to update your profile for every single achievement or new role or responsibility. You never know what companies are looking for in a profile.
  6. Make sure to include those key skills in your experience descriptions to let the recruiters know that you have actually used the mentioned skill. The more those key skills will appear on your page, the more the weight of the page is going to be.



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Sr Full Stack Developer by profession. A big advocate of women in tech and a firm believer of learn to teach paradigm.